Can you believe 2018 is just around the corner?

54 days….to be exact.

Which means there are 54 days left to rock the rest of this year. 

Instead of letting the final days of 2017 slip away, why not end the year with a little pomp and circumstance?

Grab a journal, notepad, or even a napkin, and take note:

1) List your achievements and celebrate them.

It doesn’t matter if they were big or small, every accomplishment is worth celebrating. Did you eat your veggies most days of the year? You should celebrate. Did you make amends with a friend? You should celebrate. Take a few moments to recount everything you accomplished and then go treat yourself to a holiday pedicure or binge on your favorite Netflix series.

Maybe you didn’t do as much as you wished this year. Don’t sweat it. If it didn’t get done in 2017, it wasn’t meant to get done. And, that’s ok. Focus on the positive and look ahead. Don’t look back.

2) Declutter your space.

Clear the clutter. At work. At home. In your car. In your closet. In your junk drawer. In your pantry. On your desktop. Wherever. Spend the next 55 days making space and clearing energy so you can welcome in the next year feeling rejuvenated. Make a list of all the areas that need a good cleanse. Start cleaning. And then check each one off as you go.

3) Reassess your relationships.

Write down the top ten people you spend the most time with. Then, circle the names of those who bring you the most joy. Make a note to spend more time with them in 2018. And, if any of these people drain you or bring you down, consider taking them off your list. Life is too short for taxing or toxic relationships.

4) Send a love note.

Is there someone who lifts you up and fills your soul? Why not send him or her a note and tell them that. Good energy out = good energy in. Imagine how you’d feel if you received a hand-written note about how wonderful you are. Now who wouldn’t love that?

5) Set an intention for 2018.

With each new year comes new opportunities to grow and expand. Spend a few minutes dreaming about one big thing you want to do in 2018. Maybe you want to travel to Europe. Or write a book. Or visit your Great Aunt Pearl. Whatever it is, write it down. Then, pick a date by which you want to accomplish this. Next, create a list all the things you will need to do to make this happen. Step by step. Day by day. And, then, envision how you will feel when you are done. (Pretty damn good, I’m assuming.)

As the old saying goes, the days are long but the years are short.”  Don’t let another year quietly slip away.  Wrap it up like you mean it.

If you need some support doing any of the aforementioned, I’m here to help. Contact me at [email protected]


Lisa Panos

Lisa Panos is a Certified Life Coach and Author who helps people stop struggling and start thriving in their personal and professional relationships. Trained by Dr. Martha Beck (aka, Oprah’s Life Coach), Lisa helps her clients create new, healthy relationships, mend those that are broken, or say goodbye to ones that no longer serve them. She combines highly effective coaching tactics with an explosive arsenal of personal experience that swiftly moves people out of dysfunction and into a place of deep inner strength.
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