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The Best Way to Start is to Begin

I remember reading these questions in a magazine a few years ago and thinking, Are you kidding me? Whose life is like this?

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3 Steps to Authentic Living: How to Make Decisions Based on What’s Right for You

You’ve seen the internet buzz surrounding authenticity, right? So what, really, does it all mean?

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Summer: Having Your Cake and Eating it Too — Even When the Kids Come Back Home

It’s almost that time of year. Summer. Visions of s’mores, fireflies, and pajama parties dance through my head as I recall, with great fondness, a time when my kids were younger and our lives were filled with order and routine (for the most part). Breakfast. Play. Lunch. Play. Dinner. Play. Bath. Bed. Lights out by…

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5 Ways to Get Your Groove Back (and Find Inner Peace)

Hustling is a common activity for women, especially those of us attempting to make ourselves more positive and whole in the long run. We work hard, face numerous challenges, and take on other people’s problems (we’re fixers, aren’t we?). When life gets complicated and confusing, implementing the following daily practices can help you get back…

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Why Are You Doing the Things You Don’t Want To Do?

Have you ever held a beach ball under water? It’s exhausting. It takes so much energy to hold it down even though you know that, eventually, the ball will pop up and out of the water. The same is true when you aren’t being true to yourself. You struggle to keep your feelings, ideas, thoughts,…

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