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How My Ex-Husband and I Became Friends

A few weeks ago, I posted on my Instagram about how my ex-husband gave me Brené Brown’s new book, Dare to Lead, as an engagement gift for my new fiancé and me. I mentioned how I went from “I HATE HIM” to “HE’S NOW A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE.” And, as I write this, it...

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5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Relationships Right Now

Are you having a falling-out with a friend? Does it feel like you’re arguing with your husband about the same topic over and over again? Maybe you and your mom aren’t as close as you used to be. Whether it’s with your sister, coworker, spouse or ex—relationships take a lot of work to a) maintain...

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Why Are You Doing the Things You Don’t Want To Do?

Have you ever held a beach ball under water? It’s exhausting. It takes so much energy to hold it down even though you know that, eventually, the ball will pop up and out of the water. The same is true when you aren’t being true to yourself. You struggle to keep your feelings, ideas, thoughts,...

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Stop Fondling Your Story and Start Writing Your Happy Ending

Did someone hurt you? Have your dreams been crushed? Were you on the track to the perfect fairy tale life until your world fell apart?   Don’t let this “plot twist” become your new life story.

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If You Don’t Like the Ending of Your Story, Write a New Chapter

I wanted to get a divorce. But, I told myself it would ruin my kids’ lives.  I couldn’t afford it.  My family would think I was a failure.  Everyone would judge me.  My husband would make my life a living hell if I left. I wanted to change careers and do what I loved instead...

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