Kind Words

“As a single mother of three and a business owner, I have many balls to juggle daily aside from the balls life throws at us daily. Iwanted to find more balance in my life and sought Lisa Panos for guidance. I needed a sounding board and an individual who could helpme realize my strengths and provide advice on how I could create the balance I needed for a fulfilled life. Lisa was fabulous! Her excellent listening skills allowed her to get to know me in depth, which allowed her to provide me with specific actionable ideas to help guide me to a balanced life. I never felt judged or questioned. Her depth of experience through her coaching profession as well as her personal experiences allowed her to guide me. I would recommend Lisa to anyone. She is very personable, non-judgmental and accepting. She is able to discuss tough emotional topics with compassion and is able to dissect complex issues. As a result, a person is able to obtain their full potential!”

Lis S.

“So you are seeking out a life coach and can’t seem to get moving? Talk with Lisa Panos! Lisa has been so encouraging, insightful and straightforward. She has lead me into tough waters in which I don’t want to tread, but I know I need to. She has the ability to quickly assess a situation in my life and outline very constructive steps to improvement. Many times we need to hear realities that we really don’t want to hear…or suggestions of items in our life that we should address. Lisa delivers these messages with kindness, consideration, and thoughtful perspective. She uses wonderful examples of life lessons from her life or others that have helped me feel like I have company when I meet challenges as well as suggestions to model. Lisa has helped me to write and to reflect on these items taking thoughts from inside my head to paper, to set priorities, and then action. She has proved that if you improve in one area, the rest of life’s list improves as well. Lisa is just that, a coach, there on the sidelines to keep you in bounds, playing by the rules, and holding you accountable. She is the first to compliment, energize, reassure, and fortify your efforts. She can’t make the changes for you, but she inspires the change you desire!”

Ruth W.

“Lisa Panos has been acting as my ‘life coach’ for the last few months and she has been an invaluable asset! Everyone needs support, encouragement and constructive input from someone in their life who genuinely cares for their wellbeing and growth. Lisa has been that source of support for me and has given me several tools to ‘get to the bottom of the matter’ and identify areas that need to be addressed in my own life so I can make greater gains and continue to meet my goals. Her smile and positive spirit have drawn me back and I know I have a true friend who cares for me. Thanks Lisa!!! You have touched my life in a very special way and I will continue to BELIEVE because special people like you dare to believe in others…..even when they themselves don’t!!!”

Cindy M.

“Lisa has been a great resource as I try to balance and prioritize those critical components of life. The qualities that make Lisa so good at what she does are that she is bright, a great listener and caring. Those along with her calm demeanor (must be the Mom experience), make her a very effective coach. I would recommend Lisa to friends as a bright, objective resource.”

Marshall L.

“I have known Lisa Panos for many years and, unfortunately, we lost touch for most of that time. Thanks to the technology revolution she and I became reacquainted. Over the course of time I have been in contact with Lisa again. She has been an inspiration to me, both personally and professionally. Her upbeat nature and positive outlook on life are warm and welcoming. The suggestions she has made to improve multiple aspects in my life have been ideal. Even though she was a tremendous success in her previous professional endeavors, and now relatively new to the Life Skills and Coaching Profession, I am not the least bit hesitant in endorsing Lisa for any Life Coach/Skills Coaching that one would seek. The fact that he has ventured out from the security of other professional opportunities to provide life-coaching skills independently speaks volumes to her abilities. Not only does Lisa have a wonderful disposition, education, and method behind the suggestions she makes, she anticipates the possible reactions from others, which we, as individuals, sometimes do not. The alternative perspective she has allows me to prepare for others reactions, plan and respond/act accordingly, which is invaluable! If one has any hesitations about utilizing Lisa’s skill set, please do not. NOT utilizing her skills would be the mistake!”


Trey T.

“Working with Lisa has proven to be an incredibly positive step in moving my life forward. She was logical and realistic yet sensitive and nurturing with her guidance to help my overall wellbeing, emotional intelligence and personal growth. She provided effective tools through discussion and goal setting to overcome hurdles and develop the next steps I needed to create the healthy balance I wanted for my life. She is a true asset and consummate professional.”

Brooke G.

“I have worked with Lisa on a handful of personal issues over the years. She is direct and honest, a good balance between supporting and confronting me to stay accountable to myself. Her emotional intelligence is quite strong. She also leads by example, which is what I love most about her. In my opinion, it is one thing to tell someone else what direction to go when it is not their journey. Lisa walks the walk and talks the talk. She has taken the hard road to get to a better place in her life and as a result is keenly aware of what it takes for others to do the same. Whether it is a ten minute chat or an hour long discussion full of emotion- Lisa has me feeling confident to handle what lies ahead. Her caring, loving and energetic manner make you feel very at ease. Love her to pieces!!!”



Stacey G.