You know that little voice?
The one that wakes you up at 2 am?
It’s your story.

It’s the one that plays in your head when you’re waiting on a red light or while in line at the store.
This is the story you try to block out by turning on the music, or the TV, just to have background noise.
This is not the story you dreamed of years ago, but it’s an important one. This is the story that you’re actually living; it’s the one you’re most familiar with. This is the one that runs your life, the one that controls the people you meet, what you say, the invitations you decline, the clothes you wear, and even the food you eat.

The dream house, vacation and ideal job that were supposed to fulfill you, didn’t. Because, beneath the clothes, and the self-help books, is a routine that drains you. It depletes your energy to atrophy and procrastination.  It robs you of your ability to make decisions, because it is based on the choices you were supposed to make, not the ones that drive you and inspire you to create the life you love.

The safe route, the one that allowed you to accommodate everyone else, beyond what was reasonable, has paralyzed, and fleeced you.

Your story has stopped working.

And this story would allow you to bring new inspiration and energy to everyone you meet.  This story would naturally flow from a place of freedom rather than a place of fear.

That’s the story you would write.

That’s the story you can write.

If you are too busy running away from your story, drowning out the script, and playing a role you were never meant to play, let me help you rewrite your story into one that gives you the power to live the life you crave.

Your story doesn’t have to be over; all you need is a little help in turning the page…

You are the only one who can change the words. Let me show you how.

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