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Divorced and Remarried – The Hidden Keys To Ensuring Your Second Marriage Thrives

With nearly 50% of all marriages (and 41% of all first-time marriages) ending in divorce, it is no secret that rekindling love with someone else can feel intimidating. After all, when people get married the first time, they likely hope to be with that same person for the rest of their days. But let’s face…

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10 Early Warning Signs Your Relationship May Need Some Work

See if you can spot these common relationship red flags. True, relationships take hard work. But some relationships make you want to pull your hair out and throw large pieces of furniture out the window. Trust me, there’s a big difference between a spat between you and your significant other every once and awhile versus…

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Mean Girls: From Bullying to Self-Reflection & Change

As with most bullies across generation, across region and across gender, I was misplacing my frustration and self-loathing. What if we channel this energy into honest introspection and creating what our souls crave instead of ridiculing what we fear?

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My Top Tips for Couples Heading Into the Holiday Season

Holiday planning and celebrations can bring familial tensions to the surface, and it can be hard to stay present and joyfull with all of these dynamics buzzing about. To help things go a little more smoothly this year, I’ve compiled some of my top tips for couples as we head into the holiday season.

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How to Manage Jealousy & Insecurity in a Relationship

I can’t think of a single person who absolutely adores feeling jealous or loves waking up to start the day with insecurities. But these feelings can and do happen—in some cases, they’re a sign of an underlying issue, and other times, mismanagement of these emotions can cripple an otherwise healthy relationship.So, how can you manage feelings of jealousy and insecurity without invalidating them?

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