Can you believe 2018 is just around the corner?

54 days….to be exact.

Which means there are 54 days left to rock the rest of this year. 

Instead of letting the final days of 2017 slip away, why not end the year with a little pomp and circumstance?

Grab a journal, notepad, or even a napkin, and take note:

1) List your achievements and celebrate them.

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The other day, one of my clients said to me: “I feel like your life is so perfect.”

“Why do you say that?,” I asked.

“Because you always post such fun things on Facebook and Instagram,” she replied.

I did my best to stifle an incredulous belly laugh.

What she didn’t know was that day alone my two adult daughters had gotten into a physical altercation over undergarment ownership,

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When I first embarked upon my path as a life coach, I distinctly recall the raised eyebrows and blank stares from those unfamiliar with my chosen profession. In the years since, I have noticed a distinct shift in the initial reactions I receive and my declaration is now met with knowing head nods. While the reception may be changing as life coaching becomes more prevalent, to this day the follow-up question is almost always the same: “What exactly does a life coach do?”

I often begin by saying what it is a life coach isn’t.

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BigGirlPantsOne year ago, a colleague asked me to fill in for her on a live segment of GOOD DAY COLUMBUS. Fortunately, I was out of town so I had a perfect excuse not to do it.

The truth is, at the time, the thought of speaking on television scared the living crap out of me. I didn’t think I could do it. The thought of it brought out every negative piece of inner dialogue we tell ourselves to protect us from what’s scary.

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BigGirlPantsLife coach Lisa Baird Panos urges readers to create the lives their souls crave 

[Columbus, OH] – Have those well-worn pants started to feel a bit too comfortable or perhaps a bit too restricting? In her debut book Big Girl Pants released today, life coach Lisa Baird Panos provides the inspiration and encouragement to change those pants into ones more liberating and fulfilling.

With her relatable,

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smiling-womenIt’s almost that time of year.


Visions of s’mores, fireflies, and pajama parties dance through my head as I recall, with great fondness, a time when my kids were younger and our lives were filled with order and routine (for the most part). Breakfast. Play. Lunch. Play. Dinner. Play. Bath. Bed. Lights out by 9pm. I set the rhythm… the smooth easy cadence that kept us sane in the midst of the unpredictable chaos that comes with children who are in the midst of growing,

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Hustling is a common activity for women, especially those of us attempting to make ourselves more positive and whole in the long run. We work hard, face numerous challenges, and take on other people’s problems (we’re fixers, aren’t we?).

When life gets complicated and confusing, implementing the following daily practices can help you get back into your groove and regain your inner peace.

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LP_PinterestFB_v2[1]-(1)-2I wanted to get a divorce.


But, I told myself it would ruin my kids’ lives.  I couldn’t afford it.  My family would think I was a failure.  Everyone would judge me.  My husband would make my life a living hell if I left.


I wanted to change careers and do what I loved instead of just paying the bills.

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