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Don’t Fool Yourself This April Fools’ Day

Tailor-made for teenagers and the teen-tinged reaches of the internet, April Fools’ Day is somewhat lost on me as a person (and a parent). But as a Life Coach, it had me thinking this week not of harmless pranks, but of the detrimental ways we can fool ourselves. Most people have a keen ability to...

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Are you living in fear instead of fulfillment?

Today is a major milestone for me as it marks a month since the release of my first book: Big Girl Pants. Well, technically that’s not true. My FIRST book was entitled My Horse, My Leaha and featured illustrations by my friend Niki Korda and the cover can be seen below. Like Big Girl Pants,...

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Today I Put On MY Big Girl Pants

One year ago, a colleague asked me to fill in for her on a live segment of GOOD DAY COLUMBUS. Fortunately, I was out of town so I had a perfect excuse not to do it. The truth is, at the time, the thought of speaking on television scared the living crap out of me....

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Local author releases debut book urging women to put on “Big Girl Pants”

Life coach Lisa Baird Panos urges readers to create the lives their souls crave  [Columbus, OH] – Have those well-worn pants started to feel a bit too comfortable or perhaps a bit too restricting? In her debut book Big Girl Pants released today, life coach Lisa Baird Panos provides the inspiration and encouragement to change...

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The Best Way to Start is to Begin

I remember reading these questions in a magazine a few years ago and thinking, Are you kidding me? Whose life is like this?

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